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Window Repairs Brooklyn, NY

Superior Glass Window Repair at LWP

Whether you need a single pane after a stray rock hit or a whole window done, LWP Home Products’ window repair shop is up to the task. Hey, accidents happen. Don’t panic or get upset if somebody breaks a window. Our Brooklyn, NY glass window repair workshop has seen it ALL. That’s why LWP Home Products makes sure to keep thousands of parts – such as brake shoes and cranks – ready to restore your windows, no matter where you got them. We give them back to you in pristine condition including perfect working order. Your home’s beauty and safety, not to mention energy efficiency, depend on having your windows in top shape. Count on the licensed contractors at LWP to make the most of yours.

Skilled Window Screen Repair

Our window repair workshop both manufactures and repairs window screens above and beyond the standard. Whether you need custom screens for hard-to-fit spaces or simply new mesh after an accidental tear, our team is on it, and you’ll have your fixed screens back quickly. Rely on LWP’s experienced technicians.

Expert Window Reglazing

If over time your home’s window glazing – the putty that keeps your panes in their frames – has come loose, our superior window reglazing is at your service. Count on experienced professionals to make your windows strong again. We use only the finest putty to keep heat in, and drafts AND intruders out! This is too important and delicate a job for do-it-yourself. Get it done RIGHT.

Replacing Insulated Glass

Never fear if your insulated glass unit is broken or fogged. It can be a matter as simple as replacing one panel or making both more secure in their frame by replacing the seal. Help for your IGU is right here in Brooklyn! Choose among top-quality tempered glass including tinted glass for anti-glare and added security. Your renewed insulated glass windows will make your energy bills even lower once our in-house shop at LWP has improved them.

Make YOUR broken screens or glass new again with our pros’ first-class window repair service. It’s ready for your most challenging repair at our well-stocked Brooklyn, NY window treatment shop.

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