Your Brooklyn, NY Window Treatment Store: Why Buy Local?

From the moment you contact our Brooklyn, NY window treatment store, you’ll see why shopping local just makes sense when it comes to buying custom-made window fashions and other interior design solutions.

Personalized Service that Understands Your Needs

Why go to a local window treatment store for your purchases and repairs? The big-box places don’t get it, thinking “one size fits all.” We do. To put it simply, LWP Home Products KNOWS you, and, knowing us, you keep us on our toes providing you with the best products and services, all the time. Three generations of our family have in some cases served three of yours. Plus we welcome the borough’s many newcomers such as young singles and families. We are dedicated to providing you with personal attention and the best possible service, including convenient in-home visits and professional installation. Our window treatment store’s product and service offerings are selected with the needs and tastes of the local community in mind.

Top Products

Our window treatment store offers high-quality products that are built to last. And because we can customize our window treatments, we are able to provide you with better prices and services than a stranger offering thousands of items they really know little about.

Expert Staff

If you rely on the big boxes, chances are you’ll wait a long time if ever to talk to anyone knowledgeable about window treatments. But everyone who works at our family-owned window treatment store is professionally trained to find the perfect solution for your home, and can accurately answer any questions you may have.

Giving Back to Our Community

Spending locally ensures that sales taxes are reinvested right here in our community. Sure, the mega store seems to have a big selection and low prices. But “nothing is as expensive as cheap.” Why buy something it turns out you can’t use? Also, by the time you figure out the chain’s no good and it leaves town, it’s done its damage, running the local family-owned stores out of business. So when you need window treatments, windows, or doors, you have nowhere to go! Buying from our window treatment store doesn’t just help us. In the long run, it helps YOU.

Come to our Brooklyn, NY window treatment store for quality products and great service while creating a stronger community by building up the local economy.

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