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Make Your Life Easier with Motorized Window Treatments from LWP!

On this page you can see for yourself some of the awesome motorized window treatments that LWP Home Products has successfully installed for many happy borough and South Shore customers. When you ask our Brooklyn, NY window treatment store to work on this important project for your home, you’re getting many years of accumulated experience plus top-of-the-line Hunter Douglas products so you will love the result. Properly installed automated curtains and smart home shades add immensely to your quality of like and your home’s value!

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Why Spend a Bit More On Motorized Window Treatments?

On your improved motorized window treatments, not only does the removal of cords and wands make for a cleaner look – it also removes a potential element of danger for pets and small children. Putting motorized blinds and drapes on windows that are hard to reach eliminate falling hazards, while automatic opening and closing of your window coverings throughout the day makes it look like someone is home, even if you’re not. Additionally, the automatic features of motorized blinds can help you save money, by providing timely UV protection and insulation while your blinds follow the sun throughout the day. Not only that, but following the sun to let in natural light reduces interior lighting costs, and can also save on your HVAC bill. And when you’re ready to sell, motorized window treatments have the potential to increase the value of your home.

How Our Motorized Window Treatments Work

After installing a set of motorized blinds, the first thing you are likely to notice is the lack of pull cords and wands. This simple and seamless element of design tidies up your window dressings dramatically, creating a contemporary and hassle-free look. Our range of motorized blind and shading products are crafted with modernity in mind, keeping your home up-to-date. Plus, with motorized control, you can select the precise position of your window blinds and drapes whatever time of day, all with the push of a button on the wall, via remote, or on your smart device. At LWP Home Products, we provide straightforward style, any time you want.

Request a consultation this week to find out how easy and fun motorized window treatments can be!

Motorization Installation Project
Motorization Installation Project
Motorization Installation Project