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With LWP’s Five-Star Drapery Cleaning Service, Restore Your Curtains Easily

It’s just about inevitable: even if you are the most meticulous person, years of ordinary use mean you’ll eventually need LWP Home Products’ five-star window drapery cleaning service to restore your curtains to their full glory, as new. No matter where you bought your curtains, our Brooklyn, NY window treatment store is happy to bring them back to life. We are the boroughs’ and South Shore’s watchword for caring, professional soft window treatment cleaning using the latest methods, with no damage or shrinking to your draperies.

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How Our Drapery Cleaning Service Works, Dry and Wet

When you invite our careful, courteous drapery cleaning crew into your home, we assess your soft window treatment’s material to determine what method, dry or dry-wet-dry, will best get the job done. We test an inconspicuous part of the drapery first in order to make this decision. We employ an effective dry solvent for both because it’s proven to prevent shrinkage and loss of color. In fact our solvent sets the colors in the fabric. There is never any worry when you ask us to come over. Our crews clear a workspace and lay tarps and towels before applying our cleaning solution and sometimes water. Then we carefully extract the solvent, which removes dirt, grease, etc. from your fabric curtains, bringing them back to pristine condition!

When Should You Use Our Professional Curtain Cleaning Service?

You should ask LWP Home Products for our window drapery cleaning regularly because gradually over the months and even years, dust and cooking grease waft through your home, attaching themselves to your soft window treatments. This both makes them dingy and blocks too much light from your window, making it look even dirtier! We recommend booking us for preventative, regular curtain cleaning every 2 years. That way we stop the problem before it becomes noticeable and embarrassing, which with normal wear is after about 6 years. Another factor to consider is if anybody in your home is a smoker. Sunlight is not a threat to your fabric’s look; oily residue in the air, an inevitable part of using your home, is what we’re removing well in advance of it becoming a problem. With regular cleaning from us, your draperies can last 3 times longer!

If you ask us for top quality drapery cleaning, your curtains will have a lot of life left in them!