Shop Brooklyn’s Premier Selection of Window Sheers and Shadings for Your Home’s Privacy and Beauty

When you want an elegant window treatment for even a hard-to-fit space, count on LWP Home Products’ prime selection of gorgeous window sheers and shadings from the world leader in the industry, Hunter Douglas. As an authorized dealer, we carry this brand’s soft, adjustable fabric vanes attached to sheer backing, and in a broad assortment of fabric colors, patterns, and textures. So “let there be light” in your home’s rooms. From now on it doesn’t have to look like it’s always night just to get some privacy and heat control! Our selection of fantastic sheers and shadings, from the go-to name in window treatments, empowers you to enjoy the sunshine, worry-free. Many of our shadings don’t use cords or tapes, a safety bonus if you have curious young children or pets. We even have sheers especially good for covering sliding glass doors! Plus, you can team your new window sheers with PowerView motorization to open and shut them with an app even if you’re not home.

What Are Window Sheers and Shadings?

The terms window sheers and window shadings are synonymous. With sheer shades such as the ones we feature in our showroom, you get the easy operation and maximum privacy of ordinary blinds, but also the airy, bright elegance of translucent sheer fabrics. Hunter Douglas has perfected the latter to make then strong enough for durable yet lovely window coverings for your home. Also called sheer blinds, these are made of fabric vanes suspended between two pieces of sheer fabric, with a wide variety of colors and textures you can only get from this premier window treatment brand.

How to Care for Your New Sheers and Shadings

Keep your Hunter Douglas window sheers and shadings looking like new with occasional cleaning. To do this, you need a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment, a bucket of warm water, mild liquid dish soap you can get at any supermarket, a microfiber cloth, and a sponge. Put the brush on the vacuum, turn on the vacuum and very carefully glide the brush across your window treatment’s fabric, holding the shading from behind. Never try to clean your window sheers in a hurry by omitting the brush; this will crumple and thus ruin your covering. If your sheers and shadings have tougher stains, such as from cooking grease and dust accumulating over time, put some soap in the warm water and wipe that soapy water gently on the fabric, using the microfiber cloth or sponge. Never immerse your dual sheer shades in the water bucket because that will damage their delicate internal mechanisms, making the sheers inoperable. If you have any questions about the care and repair of your window shadings or sheers, your no. 1 resource is our store’s friendly, experienced staff.

The Hunter Douglas window sheers and shadings you’ll love are all at our Brooklyn, NY window treatment store ready to install and enjoy! Stop by soon.