The Revolution in Window Treatments Is Here: Spectacular Roller and Solar Shades

As a Hunter Douglas dealer, of course we at LWP Home Products maintain that this brand’s window roller shades and solar shades have become synonymous with “shades” to many homeowners. These popular top quality products from our Brooklyn, NY window treatment store make sure your home has maximum light and UV ray control as well as privacy and insulation. Better still, its designers assure you get the greatest variety and aesthetic appeal through Hunter Douglas’ broad selection of bold colors and fascinating textures. And you can get a bit more with this premier brand’s PowerView motorization for your new roller or solar shades, all at LWP Home Products!

Should You Get Roller or Solar Shades?

So what’s the difference between roller and solar window shades? They look alike. Both are simply designed, employing a solid sheet of material handing from a tube, rather than lots of moving parts such as blinds. They are easy to adjust with a firm tug to move them up or down. The difference is our outdoor solar shades are made of a unique kind of material. Rather than opaque fabric to block the sun, solar shades are made of a woven screen-like material. The tightness of the material’s weave determines how much light and UV rays get through. Our selection of outstanding outdoor solar shades, mounted to your home’s exterior unlike traditional shades, keep your home cool in summer by blocking the sun before it even reaching your window! So when to comes to awesome solar shades for patio, Hunter Douglas products through us should be your go-to!

Clever Designer Banded Roller Shades

When you go with Hunter Douglas designer banded roller shades, you get both solid and see-through bands of fabric. Fine-tune your shades according to which band you align, affording you a wide range of light control and privacy options. We offer you many fabric color, band height, and geometric pattern choices too.

Hundreds of Options: Designer Roller Shades

Check out Hunter Douglas’ updates to traditional roller shades. Now you can choose from an array of more than 330 fabrics, special new designer options. Designer roller shades also give you extra control and luxury in that they are engineered to operate easily. You can easily customize your new shades through our motorization option. If you’re keen on textured window treatments, designer roller shades include the ageless look of the Alustra® Woven Textures collection. Does your home have a problem with excess light coming from outside? Never let light pollution keep you awake again! Designer roller shades can come with dual rollers so you can lower an opaque rear roller shade to block it.

Maximum UV Ray Protection: Designer Screen Solar Shades

Designer screen shades are Hunter Douglas’ window solar shade solution to the problem of excess UV radiation pouring through your windows. This brand’s labs have learned out to block harmful rays while letting in the natural light you want. We at LWP Home Products recommend these shades for porches and sunrooms.

For the state of the art in both roller shades and solar shades, smart New York households know to come to LWP Home Products!